The Only Mountable & Detachable Shot Glass Tray!

• Space Saving Cabinet or Wall Mount!

• Includes 6 clear shot glasses.
• Easily removable after mounting for table serving!
• Perfect for Walls, Bar Areas, Inside Cabinets, Garages, Tailgates, RV's & Man Caves!
• Unique way to store, organize and display your Shot Glasses!
• Eliminates spillage on counters and tables when pouring shots!

• Install on a cabinet door, wall or any smooth surface in less than 30 seconds with the included Command™ Brand Strips! Removable without any damage!
• The patented over pour tray design catches your spills and keeps surfaces clean!  Catch the OVERPOUR and serve ANOTHER Shot!

ShotShelf 3 Pack

SKU: 5100-3
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  • 3 ShotShelf

    18 Clear Shot Glasses

    Mounting Tab & 4 command strips

    Screws & Anchors for permanent mounting

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