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The Only Mountable & Detachable Shot Glass Tray


ShotShelf - Applications

ShotShelf is perfect for home, bars, garages, dorms, man caves, tailgates and RV's.  ShotShelf is also great for commercial use in establishments that serve alcohol including bars and restaurants.  ShotShelf has got you covered!  Includes 6 clear shot glasses.

ShotShelf - Mountable & Detachable

ShotShelf is the only patented mountable and detachable shot glass tray on the market today.  Its sleek design and ability to mount on any size cabinet door or wall make this product one of a kind.

Great Presentation - All at Once

ShotShelf allows you to present a round of creatively garnished shots and deliver them to your friends all at once without having your hands all over the glasses.

Storage - Favorites & Collectibles

ShotShelf is a unique way to organize, store and display your favorite collectable shot glasses in your home, bar area or anywhere you want!

Over Pour - No Worries

ShotShelf's innovative design eliminates spillage on your counters and tables.  The patented over pour tray design catches your spills and keeps surfaces clean and dry.  Spilled a lot...Catch the over pour and serve ANOTHER shot!

What You Get - Complete Package

ShotShelf includes 6 clear shot glasses and will work with any standard 2oz shot glass. (1) ShotShelf Tray, (1) Mounting Bracket, (4) Command™ Brand Strips, (1) Alcohol Pad and (2) Screws & (2) Anchors For Drywall Mount (optional).


ShotShelf's are stack-able.  Having a big party with lots of guests?  No problem, stack 2 or 3 trays and deliver your round of shots all at once! 

Worry-FreeCarrying & Spill Proof

ShotShelf allows you to carry multiple shot glasses at once and eliminates the chance of spillage.  Never again will you spill on your floor carrying shots from the counter to your friends!

Easy Install - In Seconds

ShotShelf is simple and easy to install.  Install on a cabinet door, wall or any smooth flat surface in less than 30 seconds with the included Command™ Brand Strips.  Easily removes from any surface without damage as well.  Need to reinstall?  No problem.  Command™ Brand Strips are available for purchase at your local hardware store. 

Simple Cleanup - Dishwasher Safe

ShotShelf's durable and lightweight tray is dishwasher safe (top shelf) for easy clean-up.

Big Group - No Problem

ShotShelf makes hosting parties easy.  Use multiple  trays to make serving to groups simple.  The empty shot glasses go right back in the tray to make clean-up a breeze and keep your table free from mess.

Patents Pending.

Command™ Brand is a trademark of 3M.

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